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About our Company

Global Projects is a Dubai based firm, driven by the zeal to excel in every endeavor that it undertakes. Our focus is on giving the investor precise and correct advices that will help them enhance their chances of wealth creation. We continue to work to enhance our knowledge and hone our skills according to the chances in this dynamic marketplace.

Global Projects is your partner to dramatically increase your success and reduce chances of failure Global Projects is the complete ‘one stop investment stop’ for your investment support. We provide resource you need to get going in one place as is the experience to support. Global Projects will drastically reduce the risk of loss your implementing ideas that actually work.

At Global Projects, we combine both international and local experience to :

  • Advise, guide and support investor who want to accelerate growth and prepare strategies for the next phase of development.
  • Provide easy and cost, effective entry for new investors.
  • Asset investor wanting to expand in India with the on, ground support that will speed up entry, save money and give safe and secure advice from known and trusted partners.
  • We have worked in all major countries and have a network of contacts that can provide easy and safe international expansion.