Welcome to Our Global Projects




At Global Projects, we do not reinvent the wheel; we just tweak it enough to fit your vehicle.

1. Project Management

Global Projectss has global partners all over the major countries in the world. Global Projectss shakes hand only with experienced, oriented and trusted business partners who are expertise and engaged in various turn key projects of railways, highways, waterways, infrastructure development, housing scheme, etc. all over the world. Global Projectss makes investment in this projects along with hour trusted partners on turnkey basis and make profit out of it.

2. Share, Commodity & Currency Market Management

Shares, Commodities and Currencies markets are basically driven by international factors all over the globe. People are worried to invest I shares, Commodities and currencies markets due to every high volatility and uncertainty characteristics of the market. Here we work on “you invest, we work and you earn” the strategy. Therefore, we here fundamental and technical advisors, who have proven track record, to make investment in these markets. Our hired team of fundamental and technical achievers works out intensively to make entry and exit in the market at correct time.

3. Traditional Business Management

Global Projectss make investment in various tradition businesses like goat farming, poultry farm, emu farming, fishing farming, seed less lemon farming, teak wood farming, etc. all over the globe. We shakes hand with the various firms who are expert in these sectors.